Im a mess, I confess

Tonight, I don’t know what happened. Its just… Urgh. I should do my routines when I was studying. The forever alone gal. If they grant my request rd this wednesday I’ll watch movie alone. Yes, just like the old times… I did miss that tho.

Eating alone
Studying alone
Walking home alone
Watching movies alone
Always alone

I don’t know also, I have friends but… Can’t explain why I don’t want to be with them in times like this. Weird. Just weird.

Im a mess, I confess

Friends I haven’t met yet

Friday Madness

Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (3)

Everybody wants to travel when they are stuck in a sad, dull place. I assume.

Most days I find myself alone in my room, lights off; silence deafening yet somehow comforting. I let myself drown in the black hole I created for myself.

Most times I think about why a man plays many roles.

Most times I think about how many friends do I really have – if social media is an indicator — then how many of them have I shared (real) experiences with.

I see pigments of myself from the people I meet. May it be the way the Vietnamese lady happily rides her bike, or the way the vendor carefully arranges my order. Maybe i wished to be that person I just took a photo of. The way I see and define others becomes an extension of self, the ghost of my other selves.

Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (6)Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (24)Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (25)Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (29)Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (31)Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (43)Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (46)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (8)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (9)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (13)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (14)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (24)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (25)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (27)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (28)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (58)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (62)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 2 (63)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 3 (7)Vietnam_July 13 2014_Day 3 (61)Vietnam_July 11 2014_Day 1 (48)

Traveling to Vietnam…

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Friends I haven’t met yet

The Art of Wabi-Sabi (or Things You Will Learn Later in your Life)

Black coffee and cigarettes

wabi sabi small_Fotor

You are 37 when you first fall in love – properly, passionately, the way you dreamed of when you scribbled furiously in your teenage notebooks and that has eluded you until precisely this moment in a dusty Cairo hotel. It is not love at first sight and there is no Hollywood meet-cute, but there is a touching of souls, as Joni Mitchell once sang, that reverberates long after you meet him.

Months later, you leave everything you know and traverse continents to go back to him and a new life in the city he has bequeathed you. Over the next three years, you learn that Great Loves can be irrational and painful, full of terrible highs and soaring lows, that passion is overrated, and it is never good, as someone once told you, to love another person more than you love yourself. One day, you wake up and realise that…

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The Art of Wabi-Sabi (or Things You Will Learn Later in your Life)

Things I need before I reach 20


First of all: A new cellphone to take a good selfie. Lol its just I can’t update my facebook with a new profile picture. I can’t even post at my instagram.So I really need a new one coz my current phone is from year 1989. Need to change it asap! Hahaha jk!

Second: A laptop. I need one so that I can update everyday. Em not used to tab when Im updating…

Third: I guess I need make up already tho I’m not using one. Lipgloss is all I have!!! Hahahaha

Forth: Mp3 player. I so so love music cebause it’s my escape from reality of this world. Too hard to accept…

Fifth: Money. I can’t buy all this if I don’t have money. Hahahaha Actually Im starting to save money but not to buy this things, Im saving money to buy food. Yes, Food. Food. Food.

Time check: 11:51 PM

So maybe this is it for now. I can’t think anymore. Hahaha I really can’t concentrate coz it’s too noisy around so I better post at evening or maybe midnight. Bye!  😘😘😘

Things I need before I reach 20

Midnight and Hungry

Finished setting up my blog. Tho it’s not yet fully done. Need to find a better themes and more. Maybe I’ll do that by morning. (though it’s morning already) Hahaha So, maybe I’ll sleep na coz my parents will arrive later from manila. Happy days are done! Back to normal again. Good night world!

Time check: 1:22 AM

PS. Im hungryy. What am I doing when they’re eating a while ago? Can’t go downstairs. Too scared! So, bye! Xoxo

Midnight and Hungry